Participating in the injury and illness data collection effort is easy! Most of the information can be obtained from your OSHA 300 reports. 

For any questions or problems entering your data, please contact safety@cleanpower.org

You are required to provide data for each applicable Industry Segment your company participates in. You may access, append and edit previously submitted data up to the deadline. The interface allows users to save, validate and submit your data.

  • 1. If you wish to view your data from a previous year, use the navigation pane at the left-side of the page. Click Surveys and then click on a data year to view previously submitted data or surveys that are in progress.  Click on the respective survey name from the navigation pane for the Industry Segment you wish to view.  This will open the survey in the right-side of the screen.  Alternatively, you can see the list of surveys on the right-side of the screen and can click the Edit icon to open the survey.
  • 2. To begin entering your data for a new year or for an additional Industry Segment for your company, click New Survey on the left-side navigation page.  This will open the guided survey
  • To facilitate data collection, separate surveys can be submitted for each industry segment; this allows you to enter data at the level of industry segmentation that your company tracks safety information.  
  • For each industry segment that you participate in, please complete the entire survey. Enter the injury and illness totals.  The data collection survey questions correspond directly to the lettered column from the OSHA Form 300A.  Be sure to include the total number of employees and total hours of exposure of all employees.
  • 3. When all your Safety Data has been entered, you can Validate and Submit your data for review.
  • 4. You can review your entries at any point throughout the year.


Validation tests have been built into the survey application. These tests are designed to check the validity of the submitted data. If the data you submit does not fall within the established parameters, a message will be displayed. Participants are requested to review the data and make required changes. In the event that you have any questions or problems with the validation of your data, please contact safety@cleanpower.org